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Conveyancing is the transfer process of immovable property and starts with the signature of the Offer to Purchase and ends with the of payment of the finances and delivery of the deeds.

Ownership in immovable property can only be transferred from one person to another through a registration process which takes place in the Deeds Office of the area in which the immovable property is situated. This ensures that the ownership cannot be challenged and also covers the process of the registration of mortgages.

In South Africa conveyancing can only be carried out by a licensed conveyancer (a qualified attorney who is also admitted by the High Court of South Africa as a licensed conveyancer and who has passed the National Conveyancing Examination).

The conveyancer receives his or her instruction for the transfer of immovable property from the Offer to Purchase and it is common cause that the Seller is entitled to elect the conveyancing attorney. However please note that the appointment of the conveyancer is through agreement between the parties and the purchaser/s is entitled to make an offer subject to he/she/it being able to appoint the conveyancer.

There are guidelines for conveyancer fees and are calculated on the purchase price. Our offices are experts in the field of conveyancing and for more information please contact our offices for a detailed quotation.

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