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Personal Injury Law

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At Gouse van Aarde Incorporated we understand that sustaining a personal injury is a traumatic and life changing event. The administration involved in instituting these types of claims can be daunting and overwhelming for most people especially when trying to cope with an injury or the loss of a loved one. We strive to render a personal service to each client and to treat each client with the necessary compassion and respect they deserve to make the experience as effortless as possible.

We strive to obtain the best results for each client and to focus on the needs of each individual. We finance all expenses in order to assist the client with proving their case and litigating for compensation.

Our personal injury professionals can assist clients who were injured, wronged or experienced damage at the hands of another in respect of their person, property, rights or reputation.

Personal injury law refers to the legal process involved in civil cases arising as a result of wrongful or negligent conduct on the part of a third party.

GvA Incorporated’s expert personal injury legal services include counsel, the processing of claims and handling of matters related to personal injury cases as set out hereunder.


Where a party has been involved in a motor vehicle accident in South Africa and suffered damages, the party is entitled to institute a claim against the Road Accident Fund to claim compensation for the damages suffered.

A claim can be instituted against the Road Accident Fund by drivers, passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists as well as cyclists. Where a party has passed away due to the accident such party’s dependents are entitled to institute a claim for past medical expenses, funeral expenses and loss of support.

What can be claimed from the Road Accident Fund:
When a party sustained serious bodily injuries a claim will consist of the following heads of damages:

  • Past Medical Expenses
  • Future Medical Expenses
  • Past loss of earnings
  • Future loss of earnings
  • General damages

When a party has passed away in an accident and had dependants a claim by the dependants will consist of:

  • Past Medical Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Loss of Maintenance


In circumstances where a party has been arrested, detained or injured by a member of the South African Police Services (SAPS) it is well within that party’s rights to institute a claim against them. Our courts don’t take the arbitrary deprivation of personal freedom lightly and where an institution that’s in place to serve and protect innocent citizens infringes those rights a dim view is taken by the courts.

In cases where unlawful and wrongful arrest or detention results in injury to the self, assets or reputation, our experienced litigation attorneys are able to assist you in respect of:

  • Police assault claims
  • Wrongful arrest or detention claims
  • Damage claims
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Medical and hospital expenses or loss of earnings as a result of law enforcement actions
  • Damages suffered as a result of pain and suffering


If you have been the victim of a dog attack, you may be entitled to claim for dog bite compensation. At GvA Incorporated we thoroughly investigate dog bite claims to ensure minimum risk and top results. If a party was bitten by a dog the owner of the dog is legally responsible for the damage or loss caused by the dog. These claims usually consists of past and future medical and hospital expenses, past and future loss of earnings and general damages as a result of pain and suffering and loss of amenities of life.


Where a party has suffered damages due to the negligence of a third party, like a public institution, a claim can be instituted for compensation. This field includes slip and fall claims, train accidents and accidents involving potholes.

We take special care in establishing a firm basis on the merits of each matter. The quantum is also thoroughly investigated to ensure that both psychological and physical requirements are met in terms of compensation value.

GvA Incorporated has successfully finalized numerous public liability claims where individuals were injured and the parties were awarded full compensation for the damages suffered.

We have built professional relationships with a panel of highly qualified and experienced specialist medical practitioners in order to assist us in legal claims for serious injuries as a result of:

  • Slip and fall claims
  • Lift, gate, door and escalator malfunction
  • Poorly fitted and maintained equipment and malfunctioning equipment.

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